Frequently Asked Questions

As the largest source for DeLorean parts in the world, theres naturally a lot of curiosity about DeLorean Motor Company and the services we offer. Compiled below are the most common ones. If you have a question about DeLorean Motor Company thats not listed here, contact us, and well do our best to get the answer for you.

How much do DeLoreans sell for now?

We sell DeLoreans assembled to your specification, with a warranty, starting at $65,500. We also offer certified pre-owned DeLoreans all with warranties and extensive service, usually priced in the $30,000 to $50,000 range. You will see DeLoreans are advertised for less but generally need a great deal of work to be reliable, good looking examples of the marque. Contact us for more details.

Are body repairs possible for stainless steel?

Yes, but not in the modern way, i.e. body filler, sanding and painting. The shape and finish of damaged panels are restored by picking, filing and flap-sanding. All DMC affiliated dealers do this kind of body repair, either on or off the car. In many cases, estimates can be made from photographs, as well.

Are parts readily available?

Yes, we have the worlds largest parts inventory and can usually supply most any part for the DeLorean within 24 hours, if necessary.

Where did you get all those parts?

The original DeLorean Motor Company factory was geared up to build 30,000 cars per year. They built a total of approximately 9,000 altogether. The remaining parts from the factory stock, the parts from the US Warranty Parts Center, as well as parts from the original suppliers that had not yet been delivered to the factory were all shipped to Columbus, Ohio in 1983-1984.

A company called KAPAC sold these parts to retail and wholesale customers via mail order. In 1997, DeLorean Motor Company of Texas acquired this inventory and the exclusive distribution rights. We now distribute these parts to retail customers via mail order through our online store or from phone orders. We also supply our affiliated dealers in Florida, Illinois, Washington, and California from the Texas warehouse.

We also have a full set of engineering drawings for each part of the car, and as supplies are exhausted we make every effort to reproduce (and improve, where possible) these parts to ensure long-term availability.

Can you export a DeLorean or DeLorean Parts?

Yes, we have experience in exporting DeLoreans and DeLorean parts to Europe, Latin America, the Pacific Rim and other countries.

Can you convert a DeLorean to Right Hand Drive (RHD) for me?

We no longer perform any conversions, but depending on your location, we may be able to recommend a reliable, proficient shop that can handle the conversion. We CAN however, assemble for you a RHD car as part of our New Build program. Contact us for details.

Who repairs DeLoreans?

DeLorean Motor Company and our affiliated dealers in Florida, Illinois, Washington and California are your best choices for parts, service and restoration of DeLorean cars.

How do I get my car to you if it’s not drivable?

DeLorean Motor Company has long-standing relationships with several national and regional automobile transportation companies and can arrange pickup of your DeLorean and have it delivered to any of our locations. Depending on your budget, we can offer both enclosed and open transports, and usually arrange a pickup of your DeLorean within 7-14 days.

Can I get my DeLorean appraised?

DeLorean Motor Company offers appraisal services, but we must be able to see and inspect the car itself at one of our facilities. Please note that this service is performed by appointment only.

My doors wont stay up, how can I fix them?

95% of all problems with droopy doors can be solved simply by replacing with a set of the correct, proper struts, which we carry. Unqualified persons should never attempt to adjust the torsion bar(s) as severe personal injury and extensive physical damage are possible.

What can I do to fix the headliners?

DeLorean Motor Company recommends replacing the original headliner backing material with the modern fiberglass units that are available covered in either Dark Grey (for cars with black dashes and seats) or Light Grey (for cars with grey dashes and seats).

Can I get an estimate on having my DeLorean restored?

The most accurate estimates can only be done when we are able to see the car, which usually means the car must be driven or shipped to one of our facilities. Once DeLorean Motor Company receives the car, we thoroughly inspect it, spending several hours making notes on the areas of need, keeping in mind your requests. Our inspection includes the stainless body, frame, air conditioning, transmission, electrical and cooling system, recommended upgrades and safety recalls, interior components and other areas – both mechanical and cosmetic – which are involved in our restoration process. These notes are then transformed into a working estimate which is communicated either by email, fax or mail. With a written estimate in hand, well discuss with you what weve found. Our friendly staff of knowledgeable and experienced DeLorean mechanics will assist with your decision, but the final choices are always yours.

Do you ship your parts & accessories outside the United States?

We ship all our parts and accessories anywhere in the world. Shipping costs as well as taxes and import duties (if applicable in your country) can be substantial. Its best to contact us with exactly what you are wanting to purchase and an exact address you want it shipped to for an accurate, no obligation quote.

Do you sell your cars outside the United States?

Several times a year we will sell a DeLorean car to a buyer from outside the United States and have shipped cars to Spain, the United Kingdom, the Bahamas, Costa Rica, Brazil, Panama, Thailand, Italy and other countries. Shipping costs as well as taxes, inspections, modifications for licensing and import duties (if applicable in your country) can be substantial. Its best to get a price quote from us and then contact a local customs broker in your area to assist you with the shipping and importation.

Can you prepare a car for the laws and regulations of (your country name here)?

DMC Dealers prepare cars to DOT specifications for 1981-1983 model year car. At this time, we are unable to prepare for other jurisdictions.

What about the new build cars that I read about in the newspaper and saw on TV?

Beginning in 2008, we have been assembling DeLoreans from our inventory of new old stock (NOS), original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and our line of reproduction parts. Orders are now being accepted Contact us for details.

Are you ‘THE’ DeLorean Motor Company?

We have no connection to John DeLorean, the DeLorean estate or the original DeLorean Motor Company. DeLorean Motor Company (Texas) is a privately held corporation based in Humble, Texas.

I want to use the DMC logo on some accessory (or) parts that I am making for the DeLorean. Who do I contact for authorization to do this?

Thank you for asking. The stylized DMC and DeLorean logos are registered trademarks of the DeLorean Motor Company (Texas) and use of the logo pertaining to the DeLorean automobile requires a written license agreement. Contact us for more details.

Do you offer tours of your facility?

We are open from 8:30am to 5:00pm, Monday through Friday. We are closed on major US holidays. You are more than welcome to visit us during normal operating hours and see the cars, memorabilia and other items on display including a gift shop but we do not offer facility tours at this time.

II am looking for a DeLorean without an engine or transmission. Do you have or do you get things like this and will you sell one to me?

We only sell complete, assembled, licensable DeLorean cars. We typically have a number of DeLoreans in a range of prices. Visit the Sales page to see what is currently available.

I have a DeLorean that I would like to sell, do you buy DeLoreans?

From time to time we buy cars outright for re-sale. Contact us for details.

I want to buy a lot of DeLorean parts to fix up my car, can you give me a discount?

DeLorean Motor Company has a program that was designed for people to do their own restoration/service work. The Budget Restoration Program or BRP allows for a 10% discount on all non-kit items for 12 months after youve spent $1500 at regular prices. Get details here.

Do you have a printed catalog that you can send me?

With over 3500 different items in our inventory, and more new/reproduction parts being made available each year, the best way to get current pricing and availability is at our online store. Our website is updated frequently and the online store is a recreation of the factory parts manual with actual photographs of nearly all of the individual DeLorean parts.

But I really want a printed catalog. Don’t you have anything like that?

Well, the next best thing you can is get your own printed copy of the updated parts manual. Its the only updated and current versions available, and the ONLY reproduction authorized by John DeLorean.

Can you sell me a DeLorean that looks like the Back to the Future car?

Our affiliated dealer in Huntington Beach, California has done this in the past and can also do one for you. Bear in mind that the final price may easily be double or more what you would pay for one of our completely restored DeLoreans.



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